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Over the years we struggled to find good personal training resources targeted to the wide variety of training situations, us as business owners, and our trainers on the floor have had to work in.

From one on one sessions, to group outdoor, or even boot camp sessions that keep the trainer and the clients motivated with fresh and exciting workouts, while still having a structure that anyone can follow, was so difficult, we basically had to keep writing, testing, and keep making up sessions of our own that fit this criteria.

The other Personal Training Resources that are scarce are those for self employed trainers attempting to train clients and build a successful business at the same time.

Finding how to write a business plan and where to get business cards from, was about all the advice we could find at the time, and things like lead generation, marketing, hiring and training staff, was something we had to make up as we went along.

Our goal here is to share what we have found and help you as a trainer, to better yourself as a fitness professional, or as a business owner or both, help you to find the answers we so desperately had to find for ourselves and usually learn about the hard and expensive way.

Personal Trainer Resources

Personal Trainer ResourcesPersonal Trainer Consultation and Assessment Resources

Probably the most important part of your first connection with a new, or potential new client, is the consultation and assessment process.

This is where you begin to gather important information that will help you accurately and safely, prescribe the right course of action for your new client, while building repoir and their trust at the same time.

Having the right tools on hand to properly document the necessary information, while looking professional as a trainer will set you up for a sure fire way to convert and retain a much higher percentage of new business.

Access Personal Trainer Consultation and Assessment Resources Here!

Personal Training Session Resources

Personal Trainer Session Resources

If your stuck for ideas, or just need a quick reminder of a session structure to suit your next client, then have a look through our session resources and find everything from one on one workouts, a new boxing or fitness routine to use, fitball, cardio or even boot camp sessions that will help you keep every session fresh and motivating.

Access Personal Trainer Session Resources Here!


Personal Training Business ResourcesPersonal Trainer Business Resources

Working on your personal training business to grow is a real challenge when you also work in your business. Get a head start on your competition by having all the tools and strategies you need to grow you business.

Access Personal Training Business Resources Here!


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